Westfair Kiddie Kollege

ages 3-5
Westfair’s preschool program is an education based preschool program with an emphasis on education! Westfair believes that children are at an optimal learning capacity when they are young. We take advantage of this in a way that makes your child’s education our priority!! Phonics, Reading, Writing and Number Recognition are taught to our 3 year olds at an introductory level. Our 4 year old class places more emphasis on mastery of these skills. Westfair has developed a program that successfully combines both classroom style teaching with centers based learning. Your child will learn the self-discipline of sitting in a classroom for short lessons. Children practice raising their hands to ask questions, taking turns, sharing, and showing kindness and respect. Your child will get the opportunity to participate in classroom discussion while exploring their environment and interacting with peers. Our classroom sessions are scheduled in short intervals because we recognize little children were made to run, squirm and explore! After all, we know that children learn a tremendous amount while interacting with other children; and we provide plenty of opportunity for that! Your child will especially enjoy hands-on activities. You have everything to gain by enrolling your child in our preschool program. Your child will begin to develop skills that will help prepare them for success throughout their entire education!
At Westfair, you really can get the best of both:  
Learning will indeed be FUN!!
Our Commitment To You •
  •  Friendly faces will greet your child every morning
  • Learning centers focused on peer interaction
  • One-on-one activity sessions
  • Fine & large motor skill play
  • Character enrichment emphasis
  • Nutritious snacks
  • Safe environment
  • Open communication
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Quarterly progress reports