Westfair Kiddie Kollege

Before & After School Daycare

Weekly Rates
Revised February 2017
Enrollment:  $25.00
  • Enrollment fees are nonrefundable.
Before School Care:  $40.00
2nd Child:   $30.00
3rd Child:   $20.00
After School Care:  $50.00
2nd Child:   $40.00
3rd Child:   $30.00
Before / After School Care:   $55.00
2nd Child:   $45.00
3rd Child:   $35.00
Part Time (1-2 days/wk):   $40.00
2nd Child:   $30.00
3rd Child:   $20.00
Full Day Charge
Additional:  $10.00
2nd Child:  $5.00
  • This charge only applies on days off due to holidays or any "no school" days. This charge only applies if your child is signed up to attend these days. If you do not sign your child up to attend, you will not be charged the additional $10.00 per day unless your child attends and you did not sign them up. Sign up sheets will be placed at least 3 weeks prior to the no school day. Seven children are required to be signed up in order for the program to remain open. We will notify families 2 weeks prior if our program will be closed. On Christmas break, there will not be an additional $10.00 per day. This is our gift to you for being faithful to our program. This only applies over Christmas break.
  • The weekly charges are for each week your child is enrolled in the program. No credits will be given if your child did not attend. Your account is charged each week until a written withdrawal is turned into the office. If you are late picking your child up from day care, you are charged $1.00 per minute late according to our clock. If your account is more than 2 weeks late, we reserve the right to charge a late fee. If your account is 4 weeks behind, we reserve the right to drop your child from the program.
Rates Effective as of 2019/2020 School Year